Canopy Type Cables (Pre 1999)

Part number: 1155

Due to a product fault, we are requesting that any customers that have purchased Garador’s G3 cables (part no. 1155 – Canopy Doors Pre 1999) directly from Garador between 11th January 2019 and 11th March 2019, should contact our technical department on 01935 443722. Some cables in this production batch are faulty and may need to be recalled. Any Garador G3 cables purchase before January 11th 2019 have been manufactured correctly and are okay to use.

These cables are designed for Mk3 and Mk3c canopy doors and provide connection between the tension spring assembly and panel. Designed for 7'0 (2134mm) to 8'21/2 (2500mm) wide Door. Important Safety Note: Part numbers P9900004 S9900004-3 and S9900004-2 should only be used with an overhead springbox with a plastic sliding cover. Enter a quantity of 1 to recieve a pair.

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